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                                                              LKE Denmark


LKE Vinyl - Plastic Model Cars

Tom's Private Collection

(Green model from Tomte Toys in Norway - just for showing size difference)

Made in Denmark

Made in Red - Blue - Yellow -

1. Landrover Pick-up - "Small Size" - Scale 1:42 ca. 9,5 cm

2. Landrover - Pick-up Tow Recorery Truck "Small Size" - Scale 1:43 ca. 10,5 cm

2. Landrover - "Big Size" Scale 1:32 ca. 14 cm - Yellow

3 - LKE Volvo 240 Estate Ambulance Rubber Toy - Made in Denmark Red Confirmed

4. Landrover pick-up Towing Truck - Service - Salvage - Recovery Truck

5. Ford 6600 Tractor 1:32 LKE Products Blue, Red, Green

6. Fire Truck Red

Variation in wheels colours - Black, Yellow, .....


HP - Plast Danmark

New Page ------ Ref. Galanite Sweden, Finland, Norway

Wiki ref.

Galanite was sold in 1971 to Branch & Co., and three years later the company moved to a new factory in Arlöv. Galanite went into liquidation in 1979. The company named changed a few years later to Bengtsfors Plastics Industry, which also went out of business. Later, MPV purchased the Galanite name. Some cars were thus made by MPV but marked Galanite. Interestingly, a unique collaboration existed between the Nordic toy manufacturers, which often sold their molds to each other. Galanite toys have also been made by HP-Plast in Denmark, by Giske in Norway and by Plasto in Finland.

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I like your pages about Tomte very much. My little brother (now 58) used to play with these.
I now have two toyota's but also a porsche 911 police.

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