Tomte Toys B-3 Red Fire Engine 500 Vinyl

Tomte Toys


Tomte Toys B-3 Red Model

Red Fire Engine Type 500

"New" Modern Model - Made in Red Vinyl

Production Years ca. 1960-70-ties

Red Body - Yellow Wheels with Chromed - Ventilated Hub-Caps

- Length ca. 25 cm (25,3) Weight ca 238 grams - 

Made by Tomte Lærdal Stavanger Norway

(Remarks. Also made one version in red with red tyres - later editon)


A lot of these on the market today are sold as "Pink" - they easy fade in sun and daylight!

Axels easy rusted in contact with water - as well as rusted hub-caps!

Children played with these under all condition - inside and outside in sun and rain!

Very Solid Toys - Made to be played rough with - Made to last!

Ref. Check colour underneath (Pink version, faded red with yellow wheels)

(Ref. Orange model with blue tyres - se B-3 Orange - often mistaken for red/pink or rev.)

Tomte Toys

B-3 Orange Model

Orange Fire Engine Type 500


Great Fire Truck with Blue Wheels/Tyres and Chromed - Ventilated Hub-Caps

"New Modern" version made in Vinyl - Year 1960-1970-ties


Lengt ca. 25 cm - Weight ca 238 grams

"Ventilated Hub-Caps"

"Yellow Version" - Faded Orange Model

NB! Don't mistake this with the "Pink" or "Red-faded" model!

A quick check underneath - usually reveals the original color! And the color of the wheels/tyres are normally yellow on the red version and blue on the orange model shown above!

OBS! Variations on these also! Red with red wheels!

Tomte Toys Fire Engines


Deep Red - Rubber Model - Red Vinyl - Orange Vinyl - Faded Red - Pink - Faded Orange - Yellow


Fire Engine 500


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I like your pages about Tomte very much. My little brother (now 58) used to play with these.
I now have two toyota's but also a porsche 911 police.

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