Tomte Toys Teddy and Jumbo Laerdal Stavanger Norway

"Teddy & Jumbo"

Tomte Toys "Fire-Truck" - "Fire Engine" - Soft Plastic

Tomte Lærdals 1.ste Brannbil i Myk Plast

Fire Engine - Fire Truck

# Photo ref. TT's Tomte Collection

(N) Brannbilen - Teddy og Jumbo

# Ref. Tomte No. 738

Med fløyte - pipelyd ved trykking - såkalt "Pip eller Piip"

Made in Soft Plastic - (Early mix PVC)

"Teddy & Jumbo"

"A Squeaking Toy" - Great for Young Children!

1956 Model

(Year made not verified on these first models - maybe from 1953 - 1958)

More info - ads. needed and wanted!


Model A-1

(NB! Number in Tom's Private Collection - New Catalog 2013 - No factory number on the toy)

- Tomte's Fire Truck in - Soft Rubber - "Vinyl" - "Fire-Engine" -

(N) Tomte's 1.ste Brannbil i Spesialblandet - Myk-Plast - Harpiks/PVC

No.1. Tomte Laerdal - Stavanger - Made in Norway

Size - Scale 1:20

Length - 20 cm - Widt -- 8 cm - Height - 10 cm with firemen/wheels

Named: "TOMTE" in BIG letters on Front (Easy to recognize)

NB! Also named underneath - front end ! : Check it out!

Copyright By


Info - Description and Colours-Colors:

Red soft rubber body - The driver in front is -

The Fire Chief "Teddy" - (Teddy-bear),

he has red body with blue overall and black "Fire-Chief-Helmet". 

The 2.nd "Fire-man" in the back, - The Elephant "Jumbo" (Ref. Disney's Dumbo)

 - is in blue body with black helmet, he is  ready as "Pumping-man"

with his trunk to "pump" water from his water-tank in front of him.

With his trunk - he's ready to take out any fire by spraying water on it  

with his trunk! 

Nearly as a Fairytale - just as we children read in our Comic's books in the 1950'ies

The soft rubber body has a "Fire-Engine" - "look a like" - body

with fire-truck-tools on both sides (relieff - some silver painted) -

left side - fire extinguisher, fireaxe, ladder + div. - 

On right side - fire extinguisher, fireaxe, waterhoses and fire-hose-nozzeles

The first Tomte model has black rubber wheels on metall axels - all wheels named on both outer-and-inner-side with:  



Made and Seen with and without tin-plated hub-caps

Later version - My ref. A-2 -

Made with blue wheels with chromed "tin-plate" hub-caps

A Squeaker or "Pip" in the back! Press to give a Whistling Sound!

Squeaking Toy!

(Just as on The Anne Dolls)

"A Squeaking Toy" - Great for Young Children!

NB! My model is stained with som blue markings from a young boys ink-markings.

It has truely been played with!

Note: model is not really in Vinyl but a special mix of rubber and art.f. resin (N "harpiks") - but mostly in very many publications and ads - it is referred to as "Vinyl" - easy recognized..

Note: There is one earlier Fire-Truck - Model made in Wood!

In the years after WW-2 - there was in Norway 1945-55 not allowed to import toys, we should get our own country up and running, start factories and make our own products and TOYS!

So the first toys for Children born in Norway in the 1940-50-ies where mostly made in wood!

Så denne  "Brannbilen med Teddy og Jumbo" var fantastisk og en "Revolusjon" for oss barn!

Jeg vil nesten si for "Oss Gutter" - for jentene den gang - var den "Anne-Dukken" som stod på ønskelisten til Jul og fødselsdagen!

I, myself, was lucky enough to have an aunt that fled to Sweden during the WW-2, married a Swede - and they always send us brothers (3 - 1949-53-57) great Tin-Plate Toys - Made in Japan!

Ref. Navnet og elefanten "Jumbo" (N)

Jumbo som dro ut i verden

Thorbjørn Egner


"Snille, bittelille Jumbo var en liten elefant som så gjerne ville se seg om i verden. Og en vakker dag så rømte han fra Berit og forsvant ut av døren for å gi seg ut på ferden." Gjennom bilder og vers følger vi den nyskjerrige lille leke-elefanten Jumbo på hans opplevelsesrike ferd.

"Jumbo - som dro ut i verden"

En kjent og kjær Torbjørn Egner klassiker som bør finnes i alle norske hjem.

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I like your pages about Tomte very much. My little brother (now 58) used to play with these.
I now have two toyota's but also a porsche 911 police.

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